Cancer: We had the cure but we killed it!

As I was praying this morning for a friend who is having bladder cancer surgery today, I asked God why hasn’t there been a cure for cancer? With all the bright minds and God given talent and intellect, why hasn’t the cure been found? Then I felt God telling me, “I have given you the cure for cancer as well as cure for all the dreaded diseases! Mankind in their finite wisdom and selfish ways have murdered the ones who had the knowledge and intellect to develop the cure for all the dreaded diseases! Mankind has murdered over 54 million babies through abortion, therefore killing the very people that I gave the gift and talent to end cancer.” This was such an impression in which I felt God was speaking directly to me.

The facts are the over 54 million babies have been brutally torn apart out of the womb because of the belief of “Pro Choice!” The Bible is very clear in God’s Sixth Commandment, “You shall not murder” (Exodus 20:13). We have been a selfish society, who have murdered well over 54 million babies. I can almost imagine hearing the cries of the innocents! Cries of over 54 million children. Some of these children had the knowledge and intellect and the key to the cure of cancer. Many were great leaders who had God given talent of discoveries which would have made the world a better place to live. But mankind killed their own and destroyed most of the God given talent.

We live in such an evil society where many of the leaders in our nation do not “truly” believe in God. Many say that they are “Christians,” but this is only because they want votes from whoever they can please. These leader’s lives and their choice in how they make laws does not match up to the plumb-line of what God has given mankind as a guide to live holy lives. They cater to what their constituents want as opposed to leading in a godly manner. There is no value in Biblical truth since the Ten Commandments or any image thereof has been ordered to be removed because man does not want to be reminded of God’s laws and requirements. The Political Correctness movement has been authored by Satan himself. Followers of Political Correctness assert that pastors who preach and teach against political correctness are inciting hatred. What was considered deviant behavior is now considered normal and what was once considered Holy is now considered hate. We live in a world where mankind has rebelled against God and His ways. The Politically Correct will no longer tolerate God or any of His teaching. The evil one is alive and doing very well in the United States as well as throughout the world. Our politicians are not hearing God but listening to the voice of the prince of this world.

God gave us the cures and the very best talent. Unfortunately for mankind, we killed it through over 54 million abortions. Over 54 MILLION INNOCENTS, destroyed in the most horrific ways imaginable. The promoters of abortion are likened to the NAZI Regime of World War II, where over SIX MILLION Jews were murdered. Since the world found out about this horrific war crime against an entire race of people, they attempted to put an end to genocide. Margaret Sanger was the first woman to start an abortion clinic in the United States. Yes, mankind in their finite wisdom, thinking that abortion and the killing of innocents is their god given right and been misled by the voice of the prince of this world!

We had the cure, but didn’t give it a chance to develop and grow up into the woman and man that God had given us. These babies would have grown up to be the very best leaders, doctors, and researchers. Their lives and talent, lost forever. We had the cure but we killed it!

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Breaking: At Least 25 Dead in Texas Church Massacre

Update: November 5, 2017 at 8:00 PM EST.

At a news conference, Gregg Abbott, the Texas Governor states, “This incident occurred at a place of worship where congregants were innocently gunned down. It has been confirmed that 26 people have been killed including adults and children. There will be long suffering and mourning of those in pain. We ask God’s comfort and guidance in healing. I am very proud of the way that all have responded to this. The Emergency Medical Task Force was deployed from San Antonio. The Red Cross has set up a family assistant center. So many people who have responded have helped to pull all this together. I want to tank President Trump, who called from overseas, Senator Ted Cruz, Sheriff Joe Tackitt of Wilson County, The Texas Department of Public Safety, Department of Homeland Security, The FBI, and other law enforcement agencies.”

Then Sheriff Joe Tackitt of Wilson County stated, “To the media, please don’t blow this out there that this should not have happened because it does happen.We don’t know the names of the victims at this time. We are still working the crime scene.”

The last to speak was Freeman Martin of The Texas Department of Public Safety. Martin stated, “We have certain facts that we will release, but are not ready to release them at this time. The suspect was dressed in all black. The suspect entered the church and fired and then exited the church. A neighbor who saw what was going on grabbed his rifle and engaged that suspect. The suspect dropped his rifle, which was a Ruger AR Assault Rifle and fled from the church. The neighbor pursued the suspect where the suspect crashed his vehicle and was found dead at the scene. The suspect was shot but it is not known at this time if the suspect shot himself or if he died from the neighbor shooting him. There are multiple crime scenes. There are Texas Rangers at all hospitals interviewing victims.  At the end of the investigation, we will be able to answer any reasonable question.”

Sutherland Springs, Texas – November 5th, 2017: A church shooting is being reported on several news outlets. A male gunman opened fire on congregants according to Wilson County Sheriff Joe Tackitt. First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs were conducting their service when a male opened fire killing at least 25 and injuring many more. Sutherland Springs is about 30 miles Southeast of San Antonio. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has responded and has taken lead on the investigation. The shooting occurred about 11:30 AM this morning as reported by witnesses. One witness, Diana Segura, age 69, heard rapid bangs which she thought a truck had exploded on the highway. Segura stated she walked outside and saw multiple bodies on the ground outside the First Baptist Church. KSAT is reporting that the man walked into the church, opened fire and was later killed by police.

The gunman is identified as 26-year-old Devin P. Kelley. Representative Henry Cuellar of Texas stated, “He went there, he walked in, started shooting people and then took off to Guadalupe County, which is northeast of Sutherland Springs.”

Many towns people and family members were seen standing near the church, holding hands, weeping, and praying.

President Trump, who is in Japan, offered his help and condolences:

Photo Credit: Screenshot of President Trump’s Tweet on Twitter

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