Breaking: NC Gov. Roy Cooper Issues Emergency Order to Help Farmers

September 7, 2018. According to The Weather Channel, NC Governor Roy Cooper issues an emergency order to help North Carolina farmers. This order is intended to help harvest and transport the crops out of the area before the storm hits North Carolina. His intention is to get crops out of the areas that will flood due to Tropical Storm Florence, which most likely will strengthen to a powerful hurricane.

Florence is expected to affect the East Coast Mid-Atlantic states sometimes late next week. This is mainly due to a Bermuda High that has created a strong ridge in the North Atlantic. According to the National Hurricane Center, Tropical Storm Florence will strengthen and start to cause swells and death gripping rip-tides along the East Coast. If the Bermuda High takes a more westerly hold, then there is a great chance that Florence will hit the East Coast either in the Southern states or Mid Atlantic. If the High-Pressure Ridge weakens, then the storm could potentially come close to the East Coast, but move like a slow-moving Northeaster which will cause rough surf, erosion, coastal flooding, and rip currents.

There are two other Tropical Depressions in the Atlantic, TP Eight and TP Nine. These are expected to develop into Tropical Storms or Hurricanes.

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Author: Joseph Lee

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