Public Schools and a Christian Call to Action

If you knew of a place where your kids would:

  1. be bullied on a daily basis;
  2. be constantly exposed to alcohol and/or addictive drugs;
  3. be told that believing in God was ridiculous because it isn’t “scientific”; therefore, doing so is an irrational superstition that is based solely on ancient myths;
  4. be encouraged to explore sexual experimentation, while also being trained for sexual activity;
  5. be told that they were in control of their own bodies and if they wanted to get an abortion then they shouldn’t have to consult you;
  6. be told that even though their DNA and anatomy dictated that they were a specific gender, that they have the right and freedom to act like the opposite gender;
  7. be told that there is no such thing as absolute truth, but that all truths are relative and morally equivalent;
  8. be told that love for our country was wrong because our country is oppressive, founded upon injustice, and run through an inefficient and unequal governmental system;
  9. have your family values regularly undermined while being constantly brainwashed into thinking that only a centralized government can meet their needs and solve their problems;
  10. 10. be protected from the negative impact of their failures and be deceived into feeling that failure is acceptable and of little consequence;
  11. 11. be trained to feel that it is everyone else’s responsibility to help satisfy their needs;
  12. be surrounded by peers that laughed at them for honoring, respecting, and obeying you;
  13. and finally but most importantly, at any moment and for no apparent reason they could be sexually assaulted, stabbed, or shot!

Would you want to fund such a place with your taxes, and more importantly, would you allow your children to go there?  Well there is such a place, and it’s called the America’s public school system.

Before going any further and in full disclosure, I’m a product of the public school, and I’m married to a public school teacher, and she is an exceptional teacher.  Additionally, my children have attended both public and private schools.  Moreover, several of our extended family members have served in public school systems, and our public schools across this country are filled with quality and gifted educators.  Nevertheless, the problem is not with the individual instructors in the classroom, but with the federal and state governments that have created the danger zone that is now our public school systems.  Part of the reason they have become dangerous instead of productive is that the government has mandated that all children be accepted into our public schools.  They are received in spite of the fact that many have absolutely no interest in being taught; moreover, they enjoy being an impediment to education of others.  Furthermore, the government requires that others be accepted whose parents who have no interest or willingness to control their children’s behavior, while also not tolerating disciplinarian efforts of others.  And lastly, within in our federal, state, and local governments, and even within many classrooms there are teachers that feel it is their mission and responsibility to eradicate your parental influence by indoctrinating your children with their secular cultural and political values.  Values that are inherently incompatible with Christian values and beliefs.  To borrow an old line, “This is not your father’s public school system.”  The fact that we are actually discussing the training and arming of teachers and administrators, or the stationing on-duty police officers within our schools should tell us that America’s public school system has become a “danger zone.”  Public schools are now a place where no sane parent would consider sending their neighbor’s children, much less their own.

Of course, there is the other end of the spectrum, which is private schools that function as simply cheap baby-sitting centers, of which the end product is also not acceptable.  They are graduating students that are ill prepared for the academic and political-cultural challenges of today’s colleges, as well as not able compete for trades in current economy, much less act like as responsible adults.  Some of these schools even employ “teachers” that have no actual training on how to effectively educate anyone.  Regrettably, many of today’s schools, whether public or private, have become cheap government subsidized “day care” providers.

Many of you reading this may be thinking “But if my kids don’t go to public schools then they will miss out on so many fun activities.”  If you are thinking this then you are tragically misguided.  The function of a school is to train your children with thinking skills, educating them in the academic fundamentals, and preparing them for adulthood; that is the primary function of a school.  All else is secondary and ancillary.  Furthermore, many private schools do a fine job in providing these same activities that you so dearly value.  “But what about participating in athletics, and the possible scholarships they may provide?”  Again, if you are thinking this then you are not really well informed about the spectrum of organized sports available to you.  The fact is that most athletes that receive collegiate scholarships regularly participate in Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) or other non-public sports clubs and leagues, and many of today’s scholarship athletes are the products of private schools.  For example, if you research the top 5 high school basketball prospects for 2018, 4 of the 5 currently attend private schools.  And the one that is attending a public school actually attends a school in my county.  The fact of the matter is that he also could have attended private school tuition free if his parents wished.  Private prep schools regularly recruit top student athletes knowing that some day those that become professional will inevitably return to financially reward their school’s investment in them.  For example, the top athletes emerging in the public schools in the greater Louisville area are regularly recruited away to private schools that subsidize the cost of their education as they play sports for them.  The bottom line is this, if you value the athletic programs and social activities that are found at public schools, then you should know that those same activities can be found in many private schools.  Of course the one exception is that of Christian clubs, such clubs are systematically being ignored, marginalized, and banned from our public schools.  For example, the school system where I live has historically and proactively found ways of keeping Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Young Life clubs from forming in the schools in our county.  And while I am not a prophet or the son of a prophet, I expect this kind of secular bias will increasingly become the norm rather than the exception.

As America’s greater culture becomes militantly secular so will our public schools—it is simply unavoidable.  The current dominant culture in America is fast becoming militantly secular and displays no interest in protecting Christian values and sensitivities. Case in point, if Joy Behar, while on the air, can call our country’s sitting vice president mentally ill because of his Christian faith and still keep her job, then how can anyone possibly prove me wrong?

So what is the solution?  Hard work and sacrifice.  Proverbs 23:23 tells us “Buy truth, and do not sell it, get wisdom and instruction and understanding”; while Proverbs 9:10 states that the “fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.”  Consequently, Christians must stop being lazy and make the necessary sacrifices required to create respectable, professionally trained and well equipped Christian schools, schools that will commit to goals such as:

  1. training parents and students alike in the fundamentals of the biblical worldview, as well as providing a basic knowledge of the Bible and instilling a value for it.
  2. training students to think as critically, so that they may become well prepared functional adults.
  3. preparing students for engaging both the Modern and Post-Modern societies that are becoming increasingly Humanistic in their orientation.
  4. training students so that they will be well equipped in the major academic disciplines that they will be required to engage in if they chose to attend college.
  5. introducing students to different high-demand trades that can provide them with fulfilling and productive careers if they chose to not pursue a college degree.

And lastly, but most importantly;

  1. training our children in such a manner that they will become fully devoted disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

If we have learned anything from America’s home-schooling community it is this, anything is possible with hard work and sacrifice.  Some of our country’s most admired and productive people were successfully home-schooled at some point in their life, people such as Francis Collins, Tim Tebow, Bode Miller, and Reid W. Baron.  Many parents, however, either are not adequately trained or do not feel adequately equipped to home-school their children.  Consequently, only 3 options remain:


  1. enroll your children in a respectable private school;
  2. begin creating a private Christian school that will embrace goals similarly to those listed above.

Or lastly,

  1. continue sending the children you claim to love to the cultural cesspool and potential death traps that America’s public schools have become.

Choices 1 and 2 will certainly require a great effort and financial sacrifice, which if made will produce rewarding benefits both for you and your children.  The last option, however, means that you are willing to run the risk of allowing your children to be intellectually brainwashed against Christianity, emotionally handicapped with respect to dealing with failure, or even physically assaulted.  The choice is only yours to make.  However, if I were starting my family all over again, then I would no longer consider today’s public schools as a viable option; moreover, my career choices would have their education as a primary consideration.  Right now, the future of our public school systems looks dark, and it is growing dimmer by the day.  Consequently, if you love your children and want a brighter future for them, then you will find an alternative to the danger zones that become our nation’s public schools.

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