Liberty University Student Government Association Requests the University to Allow the Possession and Consumption of Alcohol

The following is a breaking story pertaining to my university and the potential changing of resolutions of consumption of alcohol. The first part of this article is based on what was reported to ABC13 News. The second part is my opinion pertaining to the University and my response to allowing the consumption of alcohol by Liberty University students.

Lynchburg, Virginia: The Liberty University Student Government Association (SGA) has proposed legislation that the university should allow people who are students to attend an off campus function that contains alcohol. Currently, the University does not allow students to do that according to the SGA.

The Liberty University SGA told ABC13 News, “that currently there are two penalties involving alcohol. One deals with possession and consumption, and the second forbids students from being at an event that contains alcohol.”

According to “The Liberty Way” student handbook, the possession and use of alcohol is prohibited. It is also prohibited that student should not attend parties, nightclubs, and bars where alcohol is served and consumed. According to the handbook, “Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages” is prohibited and carries a penalty of 30 points which can include a fine up to $500, 30 hours of community service, and possible administrative withdrawal.

According to the handbook, “Participation in a social gathering where alcohol is served (party, bar, or nightclub)” carries a penalty of 18 points which can include a fine up to $250 and 18 hours of community service.

ABC13 News quoted Addyson Garner, a Junior at Liberty as saying, “In our Biblical World View class that we take as freshman, alcohol is portrayed as a Christian liberty and ethical gray area, so we feel that students who live off campus should have a little more independence to exercise that liberty.”

ABC13 News also wrote, “The SGA created a resolution that would allow off-campus students who are 21 and older to possess and consume alcohol, along with be at an event that contains alcohol.” The Liberty University Administration has already turned down the SGA Resolution. Now the SGA is rewriting their resolution to answer the concerns of the University Administration.

My take on this situation is the following: As a graduate student in the Divinity School at Liberty University, it is my recommendation that the University stand firm in their values and beliefs and stay the course. Students who want to consume and possess alcohol at the age of 21 should consider attending a secular college or university that allows alcohol on and off campus. Liberty University is one of the fine Christian Universities committed to teaching and growing “Champions for Christ.” The organization was built on conservative Christian Values. As a parent as well as a student, I am thankful that Liberty has these rules in place, so that under age students will not be tempted to drink alcohol or possess and consume drugs.

To attend Liberty University, you must agree to their values, rules, and regulations. These regulations and rules are in place for a reason. As a Liberty University student, we are representatives in the world and should be living our lives as a representative of our faith in Christ. Drunkenness is not representative of a “Champion for Christ.”

Many would argue that Jesus first miracle was to turn water into wine at a wedding ceremony as written in John 2:1-11. But look at 1 Peter 4:3, “For you have spent enough time in the past doing what pagans choose to do–living in debauchery, lust, drunkenness, orgies, carousing and detestable idolatry.” The use of too much alcohol can lead to going to bars, having pre-marital sex, affairs, adultery, unfaithfulness. Yes, it lowers your inhibitions. In Ephesians 5:18, “And do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery, but be filled with the Spirit.”

Alcohol can be a contributing factor to other substance abuse addictions. The use of alcohol can lead to other drugs. Alcohol use can destroy relationships and marriages. Alcohol is a drug and will help to lower inhibitions. Many people who drink alcohol may become drunk and say hurtful and mean things. But these hateful and mean-spirited statements may be a true representation of what is really in their hearts. The consumption of alcohol can lead to drunk driving, which could lead to the death of the student or other innocent people caught in the wake of the drunk driving. Alcohol use in colleges and university students typically leads to a very bad situation. Many of these young students may not be able to control their selves. It can lead to sexual assaults and brawling. In my opinion, these are not the characteristics of “Champions for Christ.”

My response is if you want to drink, curse, and live a life like the rest of the secular world, then go to a different university or college. But if you want to make something of your life and be a “Champion for Christ,” then adhere to these rules because they were placed in effect to protect the student as well as the University community.

If you know that Liberty University is a Christian College, why would you want to change these rules which were placed in effect to protect you as well as the community? When you attend church, do you want to drink alcohol in the church or at church functions? Would you go to your pastor and ask if you could consume alcohol at the church picnic? I do not believe that you would. Then why would these students ask to change the rules of a Christian College, who attempts to teach and inspire into their student’s Christian values?

If the University changed its values and became more secular, then we need to drop the “Christian” off the University’s classification. If we allow “The Politically Correct” to infiltrate our churches and Christian colleges and universities, then that movement which is authored by the prince of this world, will be successful in destroying the teaching and making disciples of Christ. The University must stand its ground and say “NO” to any resolution that will allow the consumption of alcohol for students.


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Author: Joseph Lee

Joseph Lee is an entrepreneur who owns a “Christ Centered” business as well as he is the President and lead minister for Marketplace Evangelism Ministries, Inc. He most recently graduated from Liberty University Rawlings School of Divinity with a Masters in Pastoral Ministries. He was recently ordained and will continue to work as a co-vocational minister and businessman in the corporate world. In previous professions, Joseph was in law enforcement and was almost killed in the line of duty. It was then that he realized that God had spared his life and he was being called into the ministry. Joseph has also been involved in a music ministry and co-produced his solo album called “Shield of Faith” which is offered on iTunes. He also has a diverse background in acting and has appeared in a major motion picture as well as on several television shows on the Discovery Channel. God has changed his life in a way that he is on fire for Christ and shares the Gospel with all who are lost without hope. Joseph is the Managing Partner, an Editor, and a Contributor for The Lantern & Shield Times for Faith and other news stories.

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