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Welcome to your weekly wrap up, brought to you by the LSTimes. We’re starting off the new year right by providing weekly articles highlighting the biggest stories of the week.

Another government shutdown — The House passed their short term spending bill in the 11th hour, but was killed by Senate Democrats on Friday. While Republicans are able to pass legislation in the House without Democrats, Senate Republicans needed moderate Dems to reach over the aisle to avoid the first government shutdown since the October 2013 shutdown that lasted 16 days. Congress’ failure to pass the short term funding bill resulted in a partial government shutdown effective Friday.

Aziz Ansari — Babe.com published a piece entitled “I went on a date with Aziz Ansari. It turned into the worst night of my life.” In this article, the anonymous woman claims the famous comedian sexually assaulted her. Political activists from both sides of the aisle have spoken against this article saying that Ansari’s accuser made no showing of sexual assault. They also spoke out against her choice to remain anonymous while willing to ruin a man’s career and life over a bad date.

DOW Jones closes above 26,000 — For the first time in its history, the DOW closed above 26,000. It ended on a high note of 26,071.72 on Friday. We’ve seen a steady increase in market confidence over the last year, but economists warn that this “melt up” might soon become a meltdown.

Let it snow — Last week, every state in our nation saw icy precipitation for the first time in eight years. After the Bomb Cyclone, winter storm Inga gave us another round of snowfall. School districts nationwide shut down their schools, with some students having had more snow days than actual class days in 2018.

Amazon’s new headquarters — After receiving over 200 bids from cities pining for its new headquarters, Amazon announced the 20 cities that are in the running to be the site of HQ2. Potential cities include Raleigh, Atlanta, Dallas, Nashville, and Chicago.

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