Roy Moore

I first heard Roy Moore years ago when he spoke at the Southern Baptist Convention. Listening to him was like stepping back in time, he had long, memorized quotes that he used like speakers in earlier decades.

I thought of that with the recent accusations, looking bad for him since they are multiple, and Moore had a reputation with young teenage women.

As a lover of history, I remember reading that in Colonial Times, some men had a predilection for young girls. My thought would center on how one would have a conversation, since shared experiences from life would be a background for that. Plus, when you’re older “mating” habits of the young can appeal foolish. But in that time, men talked about politics, growing crops, world affairs and business with other men, not with women.

Adding to this predicament is reports and at least one picture of senator Al Franken, democrat of Minnesota, and his escapades. In addition, congresswoman Comstock of Virginia reports on sexual harassment and assaults being widespread on Capital Hill. Her example details a young woman staffer going to a congressman’s home, who exposed himself to her. She quit the next day.

Plus, we learn, it’s a long process to report any type of harassment, taking months and requiring the victim to go through counseling first.

Additionally, liberal democrats seem to get a pass. If you support particular issues, your behavior magically becomes acceptable.

Add to that, victims are paid off. Not by their perpetrators, but by you and me, the taxpayer.

If you’re in Alabama, you’re being lectured on whom to vote for…by people who don’t have the best reputation. That could cause a response that helps Moore more than hurts him. It’s much easier to lecture than to set an example. If you’re being lectured by people you resent, how would you respond? My tendency would be to do the opposite of what I’m being asked to do.

How this Alabama election turns out, remains to be seen. I don’t expect Moore to back down. He hasn’t backed down from anything in his life. Decades ago, you had to be a Democrat to be elected to anything statewide in Alabama. That might happen again. Or, people, fed up with Washington ways, may elect Roy Moore.

Ashton C. Smith © November 19, 2017 The Lantern & Shield Times LLC


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