Breaking: Charles Manson Dead at 83 Years of Age

Charles Manson, known for the brutal and horrific murder of Actress Sharon Tate and six other people; died Sunday in a California hospital. Manson was imprisoned over forty-five years after he led his mostly female followers to kill Tate and six other people at Roman Polaski’s home. He ordered the killing of two other people as well. He received nine life sentences for his crimes.

While in prison, Manson was denied parole twenty-two times. According to the Los Angeles Times, “he had hundreds of violations including possessing a cell phone and an assortment of weapons. He was unrepentant for his crimes and was not a model prisoner. He was hospitalized for an unknown condition on Tuesday. He died of natural causes at Kern County Hospital at 8:13 p.m Sunday, according to Vicky Waters, a spokeswoman for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. He was 83 years of age.”

The Los Angeles Times,

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Author: Joseph Lee

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